Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Apple sells 3 Billion Songs

Perhaps most importantly, Apple offers not just the downloading service but also the hardware for managing music collections.

Hmmm... Take 3 Billion songs, yes billion with a B! divide that by 100 million iPods sold over the last 5 years... and you get, are you ready for this... Drum roll please, 30 songs per iPod!!! Wow that is 6 songs per year?!?

WTF... if it was good news it would be worth commenting on! They have over 5M songs, which is less than 20% of what Napster had at its height 7 years ago!!! (Napster had over 25M songs in its database of songs at its height)

You have to wonder what the Big 4 (five at the time) were thinking when they turned down Shawn Fanning (aka Napster himself) and his $1B of money over four years (beginning in 2000)!

Back to iTunes... Kudos on 3B songs and the 150MB of space on each 8Gig iPod you have sold. To me this indicates two things:

Makes me wonder about trying to give away over $1M to artists in two years!!! Try to wrap your brain around that one.
And if you get tired of doing that, consider that it is estimated that Napster allowed the swapping/sharing of over 30B songs (10 times what iTunes has done in five years)

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