Monday, February 27, 2006

Donald W. Reynolds Governor's Cup :: Arkansas Economic Acceleration Corporation

Donald W. Reynolds Governor's Cup :: Arkansas Economic Acceleration Corporation

I have been silent due to a vacation and sleep deprivation caused by the conversion of a 200 page strategy paper into a 30 page business plan... there are only 9 other entrants that I am competing against, so hopefully i can earn some seed money for SoundGreen... i'll post more later when we hear (should be around mid-March)...

Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Long Strange Trip

Well... it is beginning to happen... what was started in Nashville and shot down by Apple is coming back around... there is no way to describe it other than a hope...

we are going to change the way artists are compensated...

As with any industry, the music industry is built around knowledge. The difference is that musicians give up almost all rights to their creation in order to get promoted. Promotion may give them the opportunity to make a living in the near term if they can get enough tour support. Tour support allows the artist to get out and interact with their fans or people who will become fans. Fans want to be a part of the music; if this is a false statement then fans would not pay 100s of pounds to see their favorite artist perform for a few hours, instead they would opt for listening all day on their iPod. iPods were created to make money, iTunes was created to feed the perception that one needs an iPod. 90% of iPods are storing less than 10% of their capacity. Capacity is no longer an issue, neither is distribution or direct access to fans.

So why do record labels control 90+% of the profits?
Because they have not been challenged to date.

Why do artists give away their creations for pennies on the dollar? Because there has not traditionally been alternative options.

Why do you want to compensate artists above the current market rates? Isn't that foolish? Perhaps it is foolish, but if we allow an artist to control their compensation and creations what is the downside for the artist. Our intent is not to become filthy rich. We want to make a reasonable wage and help the artists do the same.

So are you an artist? No! I am an artist with numbers not notes! We come along side artists and help them realize their earning potential.

If you are an artist, I implore you to ask your current manager, advisor or record label representative to show you your earnings potential. If they show you something ask what percent you get to realize or keep.

I imagine you get less than 15%. We are giving 50+% directly to you in the form of cash and another 30% in the form of direct support and marketing that is detailed and open for you to see whenever you want.

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