Thursday, July 19, 2007

Art or Sales?

No one who strives to make a living in "Art" appreciate it when one states you have to be good at sales. This is because of all the good things associated with Art compared with the bad associated with Sales.

Would you rather associate with an Artist or a Salesman? I guess it depends on what you need at the time... entertainment or a deal.

But why do you hear about Fallout Boy and not Wide Awake? Some would say it is talent, showmanship, song writing. But the real answer is perhaps an "unspoken"... Management and Resources. ???What you ask...

I would challenge anyone to listen to a Wide Awake album and say that Fallout Boy is better! It is not fair... no offense to FOB or whatever acronym their management pushes...

Anyway... we are hoping to help bands such as Wide Awake and The Meanwhiles create art that fans and consumers like. More on the differences between fans and consumers later...

fans are leaders, consumers tend to be followers

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