Tuesday, July 04, 2006

1.3% ??? Why not 60% ??? Sounds better to us...

Okay, so perhaps an artist couldn’t sell 200,000 albums with us… point taken… but we do think that getting the artist on tour for 90 shows a year (minimum) could help them sell at least 5,000 subscriptions.  

Subscriptions?  I thought you were talking about albums!  We are, to us it is the same… a subscription is better for the fan – they can download, burn, whatever they want to whatever content we have (just please limit the passing on to 3 friends & let them know where you got it and what a good deal it was for the artist).

Okay… so 5,000 subscriptions + our non-recoupable costs we give to the artist through direct tour support, equipment, marketing + partial transportation reimbursement (gas is expensive) + other perks…

An artist would get approximately (using ‘aprox’ because can’t really tell to the penny without taking hours to calculate every last detail)… ready for this… $85,000.  

I know you want to know what we make on that… well… not too complicated… our gross revenue is approximately $140,000…

So there you have it… you can get 1.3% and a guaranteed short career OR you can earn 60% and grow your career until you are ready for the big leagues.

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