Friday, April 14, 2006

CRM, Plans, Oh My

We have acquired a Customer Relationship Management software package - SugarCRM. It appears to be fully customizable and should suit our needs in terms of tracking contact with artists and their management. This development has caused us to pause for the next week or two and reassess how we want to present ourselves and our company to all three groups we deal with fans (i.e. potential customers), artists, and investors (yes this isn't a free venture and requires a stack of cash to run).

Both Nathaniel and myself are working towards getting our lives organized to make a run in the last third of the year... we are hoping to get the artist contracts together by mid-summer and then go out and sign some artists who want to make money and determine their earning potential.

We continue to work on really focusing on what we offer --- that sounds funny or sad that we don’t know. I think it is a big step in success. We are offering artists the opportunity to dictate their own income. We won’t tell them when to release songs in a traditional sense. Instead, we will require an artist to post a certain number of songs and to tour a minimum number of times each year.

We have also received our first investment,– which is about one tenth of what we project we will need in the first and second years of operations.


I hope you update soon, because I have found about 300,000 or more people who would be interested in this idea. is a VERY popular social news website, and they have a weekly podcast where they talk about the top stuff, and one thing they constantly harp on is how they would only buy music if they knew it went DIRECTLY to the Artist. Enter SoundGreen. I'm gonna go ahead and shoot them an email and tell them what you're up to, this would give you MASSIVE site traffic, and maybe even bring on possible Venture capitalists to invest in this idea / company... Hit me back-

(I'm submitting it to them now, so prepare for a massive influx of traffic..)

~John Lansford
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