Friday, March 31, 2006


This past week has been crazy.  We found out last Friday that we needed to present at the Reynolds Cup today at 9:15 in Little Rock.  I am not able to get there, as I am in the UK so another person is going to present it.  It appears as if we have a decent chance of winning some money from the whole thing.  But who knows.

I am just excited that it was selected.  Update to follow in the coming weeks.

Narrowing down the web design firm has been going along well, but has been put on the second burner due to the presentation.  There are only a few providers we are still considering and hopefully will get that ball rolling later next week.

I will be shifting gears back to finishing my CPE to keep/get my license current.  There is just an amazing amount of information to process during the studying process.

I have also signed-up at to see if I can pick-up some side jobs while developing this business/concept further.

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