Sunday, March 19, 2006

Two more things to focus on

Working on two things currently:
  1. Hunting down exceptional artists on the internet (slowly and surely)

  2. Creating a thorough document that contains what all we need/require of our web developer

Hunting down exceptional artists is always going to be time consuming and challenging… I am working on a way to better track all the notes, et cetera.  I know – I should already have a method, but what can you say.  I am trying to do all of this at once and ‘it has been a lot of this and a little of that.’  I will be attending a good festival in Colorado – the South Park Music Festival.

Coordinating our expectations and needs with the desires of our web developer will be a challenge as we are going the international route.  We are trying to bring together a diverse group of individuals under our family of workers/contractors.  It may be easier in the short-term to go with the guy down the street or someone located in the state next door, but we believe the firm will be better off utilizing the skills of our international acquaintances.  IT may blow up, but we think in the long term having a developer/designer located overseas, India for example, is ideal as we can identify any issues or needs during our day.  Our developer can then find and implement a solution while we sleep.  Any issue should be resolved over night.  That does not take into account that our potential collaborators have staff available 24 hours a day, every day of the year.

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