Friday, March 24, 2006

Technology Prize and Contractors

Well… now our business plan has been put in the finals of the Technology competition at the Reynolds Cup.  It seems to be fairly disorganized as we found out a week ago that we didn’t make the cut for the business plan, however they want 10 new copies of the business plan on Monday???  This is a little vague too.  The biggest thing we work on is contracts and the technology is just a way for us to disseminate our product.  And it is technology that everyone else is using, well – they should be using.  

Regardless, I am not going to the competition.  I do not have the time or the money to travel 5,000 miles (one-way) for a 45 minute presentation.  Perhaps a friend will present, but I am not worried one way or the other.  

We have narrowed down 30 contractor bids to four, which will be reviewed this weekend.  We will hopefully be in phone contact with the contractors this weekend.  It has been quite a learning process and the bids have varied from not qualified at all to firms who could definitely do it.  

We are looking for the contractor to be a long-term contractor and partner in what we are doing.  It should take about 60 days or so to develop, design and code the site.  Part of that length is my intentional stretching out of the project for our timing purposes.

Zags are in the NCAA tourney tonight (this morning in the UK).  Go Zags!!!

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