Thursday, March 09, 2006

More about us

I have a friend and partner working on this... any feedback would be appreciated...

SoundGreen is an entirely new music experience through the synthesis of low-cost digital downloaded music, a closer artist/fan relationship, and a mutually beneficial artist promotion strategy. SoundGreen is a subscription based Internet multi-media company with the goal of fulfilling an artist’s desire to make a living creating music and the listener’s desire to enjoy good music.

SoundGreen contracts with the artist are noticeably different than traditional contracts. SoundGreen recognizes art as a profession and will offer terms that allow the artist to realize the true earning potential of their chosen profession. SoundGreen offers short term contracts with the option to renew and highly competitive rates for tour support that increase as more fans subscribe. The artist also benefits financially from tour profits, merchandise sales, and endorsements.

SoundGreen wants the artist to succeed, so resources are provided to assist with producing high quality results. SoundGreen artists will receive technology resources that include...

we cannot give away all of the goods yet...

but let's put it this way..better than what you'll get now...

i guarantee

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