Saturday, March 18, 2006

The MIDEM Wave

I think I may post up some of my writings from a trip to MIDEM in Cannes, France.  MIDEM is one week in late January when a lot of people get together to schmooze and praise each other and pay for it while spending the profit from an artist’s Intellectual Property – their creations… their songs.  

There are meetings and discussion forums.  The meetings are set-up in advance and the participants try like hell to make a good impression and make as many deals as possible.  They also have discussion forums, which are led by a great collection of panelists.  The problem is that when the panel is done the audience tends to flood the stage as if the U2 just finished playing a sold out stadium at Slane Castle.  Give me a break; all these people do is exploit the artists by not setting up a fair compensation structure.  

Here’s my take of it all…

As all the dreamers rush forward, a sea of red shifts as chair seats flip shut like an oyster protecting its pearl.  Comparable to light bulbs going off on the red carpet – smiles, colorful cards, and cellophane encrusted discs are flashed about in hopes of catching 'a break' wave on the North Shore.

The seas begin to calm as cards and pleasantries are exchanged.  Like the crashing waves at the North Shore, blank stares appear to replace the smiles as the dream is questioned and pondering if correct words were spoken and chosen.

The sea is calm with only a few self-confident dreamers buoying in shades of brown, blue, and green sharply contrasting with the rose, red sea as they wait for the card storm to finish.  The question is when will it end?!  The perceived gatekeepers of the dreamer’s delusions continue to silence the swarm and casually slip out in succession attempting to not be the last one left, as that would bring up painful memories of their days on the sandlot being picked, or not, for the team.

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